IntelliTrac GPS Tracker PTO Inputs

Reading &Controlling Sensors & PTOs

IntelliTrac Elite GPS Tracker and IntelliTrac Eclipse GPS Tracker make monitoring inputs and PTO's easy. Both Elite and Eclipse are able to monitor 4 inputs including 2 Analog Digital inputs, however the Elite may be upgraded with an expansion module to increase its capacity to monitor 20 inputs including 4 analog digital inputs.
Both products can be configured to control 4 outputs via the IntelliTrac Hawk App or Web App and also via their internal logic controllers which can control outputs based on time day schedules, geofence conditions, GPS conditions and other input conditions. The Elite can be expanded to control up to 10 outputs.

IntelliTrac Output Controls

I/O Features Making It A Stand Out

Imagine being able to monitor analog and digital sensors in vehicles such as door openings, beacons, oil pressure transducers, fuel tank level sensors, Flocon triggers, sweeper brooms, mower blades operations, grader operation
or being able to automatically or remotely contol engine immobilisation, hydraulics, door locking and unlocking. The options are endless with IntelliTrac.

  • Driver RFID Reader
    Driver RFID readers coupled with cards or keyfobs automatically assign drivers to vehicles for each trip.
  • Engine Management Monitoring
    OBDII Engine Management modules allow the telematics device to transmit live engine data & fault codes.
  • Mobile Data Terminal
    Our Android 4G LTE MDT runs a range of apps developed by IntelliTrac inc.Bizzow, CoR, FBT, Waste, TMS, eLogbooks.
  • Refrigerated Temperature Monitoring
    A range of refrigerated goods transport temperature monitoring sensors for up to 3 compartments
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring
    Monitor up to 8 tyres for pressures & temperatures and stream alerts real time into the telematics platform.
  • Video Recording & Streaming
    Taking dashcams to the next level with 8 camera 30 day recording, live streaming, event capture interface by MDT.
  • FBT Console
    Providing a simple method of logging business & private trips to satisfy ATO FBT Logbook requirements in Australia.
  • Iridium Satcoms
    Connected to the IntelliTrac "Elite" provides Satcoms switch over when GSM networks are not available.
  • Mass Management
    IntelliTrac Elite provides interfacing to various brands of vehicle scales, providing live data streaming.
  • Driver Behaviour
    In Cabin Driver Behaviour feedback and coaching via audio visual signals
  • Remote SOS
    Providing a series of short and long range UHF remote sos buttons and pendants
  • Fuel Level Sensors
    IntelliTrac provides a range of fuel tank level sensors for plant & equipment
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